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Sunday, Oct 01

Here at SwiftLife, we know computers... - Emilia

We recycle electronics, computers, boards, televisions, batteries, etc.
As SwiftLife is a registered e-waste collection site, bring them by.
We as well have a microscope and soldering tools on-site.

What we do...

We offer repairs, computer consulting and solve technical issues for our clients. We offer remote service nation wide, as well as a mail-in service, nation wide. Our location has many in stock computer related items. We'll make your computer, swifter.

Who our are clients?

Our clients are generally on Long Island, in New York.
Our clients trust SwiftLife, our clientele has grown mainly from word of mouth, over the past 10+ years of being in business.
We go to homes, we go to businesses and clients come to the SwiftLife store. Our clients trust us, to figure things out swiftly.

When did we start?

The owner, Patrick L.Y. Benot, has been involved with computers for his entire life. Having no other job, and firstly working as a sole priopership, then incoroprating SwiftLife in 2007. Patrick has built up a reputation of being trustworthy, knowledgable and confidential.

Why do we do this?

We're able to fix things, that many others cannot. We also do it swifter than most.
With a love of technology and computers, it's simply, what we do.

Where are we located...

Our physical address is currently in Wantagh, NY.
South of Sunrise Highway, north of Merrick Road.
Located at 2099 Wantagh Ave, NY 11793

How to contact us...

You may call us directly, at 516-690-6012, or toll-free at 1-888-80-SWIFT.
May also e-mail us at info@swiftlife.com or send us a message via our feedback page.